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Redeemed Coaching

Redeemed Coaching is an online course looking to empower coaches to make a lasting impact on their players by integrating Biblical principles into both practices and games. This course is designed to equip coaches with the tools and knowledge to lead with integrity, compassion, and wisdom. Through a blend of theoretical teachings and practical applications, coaches will learn how to inspire and motivate their players while instilling values of teamwork, respect, and sportsmanship. Join us on this transformative journey to enhance coaching skills, deepen player relationships, and create a positive environment that fosters personal growth and success on and off the field.

About the Instructor

Ryan Highley is the Founder and Director of Destiny Sports Mission, INC. Destiny began as of dream of Ryan’s when he was 14 years old. Since that time Ryan has been all around the world hosting camps, leading mission trips, and training others in sports evangelism. Ryan and his beautiful wife Deminy live in Lubbock with their three children- Rhett, Deacon, Addie. Ryan holds a degree in Biblical Studies from Lubbock Christian University where he was part of the Chaparral baseball program. Ryan has coached high school sports for 20 years in baseball, volleyball, and tennis. Ryan is an ordained minister and works with coaches and players on many levels daily. In addition to his responsibilities with Destiny’s teams, camps, leagues, lessons and trips, Ryan also travels for speaking engagements and evangelistic trainings.

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