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As a participant, parent and/or guardian, I give consent to all Destiny Sports Mission, INC, facility owners and facility personnel to render emergency and basic first aid to myself or my student. I also release Destiny Sports Mission, INC, Destiny personnel, host organizations, facility owners and host organization personnel from any liability of injuries/death that might be suffered during camp, practice, tournaments or league activities. I understand the risk of participating in athletic activities and that there is the risk of severe injury or even death. If injury is suffered the participant, parent/guardian is responsible for any and all medical expenses. With this understanding I do herewith authorize treatment under the discretion and direction of any licensed physician for myself or the following child in the event of a medical emergency which, in the opinion of the attending physician, may endanger his/her life, cause disfigurement, physical impairment, or undue discomfort if delayed. This authority is granted only after a reasonable attempt has been made to reach me by phone as indicated above. In the event of injury or incident I understand that I cannot sue Destiny Sports Mission, INC, its personnel, its board, the host site, facility owners, the host site personnel, or associates of Destiny Sports Mission, INC.

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